New Yoga Class on Saturday mornings

Really excited this autumn to be able to offer a new weekend yoga class, open to beginners and seasoned practitioners.

These classes are held at the new Memorial Hall in Great Gonerby, every Saturday morning from 9.00-10.00.

**** Please note! **** There will be a few dates when there are previous bookings for the hall, and on those dates we will start the class an hour earlier, from 8 am. One of these dates is Saturday 7th October. For that reason, always check with us before joining.

These classes are suitable for anyone who cannot make it to one of the morning or evening classes we offer in the week time. Also, for anyone who wants a extra yoga session added to their weekly practice. We think that the time in the mornings, from 9am means that it allows the other commitments, like shopping and family time to take place as well as a great start of the weekend, feeling stretched and invigorated.

We love the new hall in Great Gonerby as it is spacious, warm, clean and have all the modern facilities needed for a good yoga session (see picture bellow).

The other class we offer at this location is Wednesdays from 18.00-19.00.

These classes have already started, and the proved to be very popular.

Please book your place before joining us

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